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Protect your water – Protect your business

Water scarcity will force cuts in water supply for all water-dependent producers. This will in turn force production cuts, unless new water can be found elsewhere.

Drupps helps you protect and expand your current water supply by adding water from a new and sustainable water source – the atmosphere. This is a longterm water solution that enables your organization to set your production target yourselves, regardless of water scarcity and climate change.

Turn water scarcity into an opportunity. Gain market share when others are forced to cut production because of water scarcity

Do you see any water?

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Technology leaders in atmospheric water

Drupps has made atmospheric water a real option for sustainable water sourcing. We have developed a new approach that is scalable, cost efficient, and effective.

Our patented concept – simply called Drupps Concept – is based on moisture absorption and building blocks. We enable tailor-made adaptation to each customer's specific requirements with regard to climate conditions, scale, and preferred energy type.

Our vision is to make the atmosphere help solve global water scarcity. By enabling private entities to share responsibility for producing new clean water, we believe we can get there faster.

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Food & Beverage

Protect your business by protecting your water supply, while improving water quality and reducing water footprint.

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Turn your waste heat into clean atmospheric water and create tremendous extra value for your company and your community.

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Power Generation

Increase production efficiency and output by adding water cooling power – made from your waste heat.

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Increase property value and create water security for all residents by providing clean drinking water made on the roof.