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Atmospheric water as a real solution to mitigate water scarcity

The atmosphere is a brilliant water source – sustainable, available, and plenty. When water is tapped from it, the atmosphere refills itself immediately with the help of natural evaporation. And the best part – the water transports itself to you by flying.

Drupps has developed a solution that enables efficient large-scale production of atmospheric water. The greatest benefits are obvious – water can be produced anywhere, even in remote inland areas. We offer a solution that people and organizations can depend on to avoid uncertainty and risk caused by water scarcity.

Energy intensity will depend on local climate conditions, simply because we need more air to produce a litre of water in dry climate. But terms like 'expensive' or 'lowcost' depends on options at hand. Bottom line is, Drupps can make water where others cannot, not even our fellow atmospheric water competitors.

Discover atmospheric water

Clean drinking water, made straight from the air, free from groundwater pollution, and 100% conflict-free. Air is available to all and always will be.

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Atmospheric water for the Global Goals

6 Clean Water. By setting up atmospheric water production locally, water can be made available basically anywhere on earth where there are people. The water will be clean, pollution-free and plenty.

11 Sustainable Cities and Communities. Atmospheric water enables sustainable local water production on city rooftops. This helps cities become self-supporting in water. With rooftop water production, groundwater levels can rebound quicker, and surrounding regions will be less exploited for water.

12 Responsible Consumption and Production. Atmospheric water is a sustainable water resource, and when made available to producing companies, less unsustainable groundwater extraction will occur.

14 Life below water. Atmospheric water offers an alternative to desalination which has a negative impact on marine life when brine is put back into the ocean. Less desalination means less interference with marine eco-systems.

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Drupps Electric

Atmospheric water generation system powered by 100% electricity. Produced water is perfectly clean thanks to distillation. Market leading energy efficiency.

The system is modular-built and can be designed to meet any production requirement in a wide range of climate conditions. Its only limiting factor is its access to electricity.

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Non coastal regions benefit

Atmospheric water is an attractive option for inland regions in need of more water. Every 50 km of pipelines can equal the cost of an entire desalination plant. Atmospheric water leaves no residues and needs few environmental permits.

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