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Atmospheric water and the Global Goals

6 Clean Water. By setting up atmospheric water production locally, water can be made available basically anywhere on earth where there are people. The water will be clean, pollution-free and plenty.

11 Sustainable Cities and Communities. Atmospheric water enables sustainable local water production on city rooftops. This helps cities become self-supporting in water. With rooftop water production, groundwater levels can rebound quicker, and surrounding regions will be less exploited for water.

12 Responsible Consumption and Production. Atmospheric water is a sustainable water resource, and when made available to producing companies, less unsustainable groundwater extraction will occur.

14 Life below water. Atmospheric water offers an alternative to desalination which has a negative impact on marine life when brine is put back into the ocean. Less desalination means less interference with marine eco-systems.

Clean drinking water, made straight from the air, free from groundwater pollution, and 100% conflict-free. Air is available to all and always will be.

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