Avoid water blackouts

By 2025, half of the world’s population will be experiencing water scarcity when water supply cannot meet demand. People and companies will have to turn to new sources to secure their water, and water will become more expensive. Companies are investing in atmospheric water water today to avoid water blackouts tomorrow.

Switching to atmospheric water does not need to happen overnight. Use atmospheric water alongside your current water source and add water power stepwise as your water requirement grows.

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No water footprint

Sourcing of water from the atmosphere reduces environmental pressure on other water sources such as groundwater and rivers.

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No CO2 emission

Atmospheric water needs no shipping since it carries itself to the producer-user and causes no CO2 emission from transportations.

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No supply disruptions

The atmosphere will never run out of water and by having atmospheric water generation installed on-site neither will you.

Atmospheric Water Compared

Grid water

  • Outtake restricted
  • Risk of disruption
  • Cost fixed
  • Not pure
  • Water sustainability uncertain

Drupps Atmospheric water

  • Outtake not restricted
  • No risk of disruption
  • Cost dependent on energy price
  • High purity
  •  Sustainable water source

Shipped bulk water

  • Outtake not restricted
  • Risk of disruption
  • Cost higher in times of low supply
  • Purity depends on source
  • Water sustainability uncertain

Non coastal regions benefit

Atmospheric water is an attractive option for inland regions in need of more water. Every 50 km of pipelines can equal the cost of an entire desalination plant. Atmospheric water leaves no residues and needs few environmental permits.

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