Atmosphere – a sustainable water source

The atmosphere holds water – a lot of it. Just like other natural water sources, it is tapped and refilled continuously. Nature is always striving for balance, so if moisture is extracted, water is evaporated from Earth's surface to restore that balance.

Atmospheric water is part of the solution to fight water scarcity with new sustainable water. True, to extract it without waiting for rain needs energy. But on the other hand, energy is saved by not having to transport water long distances via costly pipelines.

Atmospheric water can be produced and used on-the-spot. In cities, on residential and factory rooftops, in inland and coastal regions. Both private and public entities can pitch in and share responsibility for producing clean sustainable water.

Do you see any water?

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Safeguard your water supply with atmospheric water

The atmosphere is a brilliant water source – sustainable, available, and plenty. When water is tapped, it refills itself immediately with the help of natural evaporation. Due to technology gaps, it has not yet reached its full potential as a water source.

Drupps has developed technology to change this. We enable efficient large-scale production of atmospheric water that water-depending companies can rely on to avoid uncertainty and risk caused by water scarcity.

We help you protect – and expand – your water supply when water scarcity hits. Gain market share by increasing your business when competitors are forced to cut back. 

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Non coastal regions benefit

Atmospheric water is an attractive option for inland regions in need of more water. Every 50 km of pipelines can equal the cost of an entire desalination plant. Atmospheric water leaves no residues and needs few environmental permits.

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