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Technology leaders in atmospheric water

Drupps is a Swedish water innovation company helping organizations increase water sustainability and security by tapping the atmosphere.

Drupps was founded in Uppsala, Sweden, in 2017 and is today operating globally through a network of local partners and agents. It is one of Sweden's top 33 tech startups of 2020 according to NyTeknik, a leading Swedish tech weekly. 

Our vision is to have no water scarcity on Earth and to have UN Sustainable Development Goal 6 come true. By providing the technology that enable private entities to share responsibility for bringing new sustainable water we believe we can get there. 

What we do


the Drupps Team

Company team

Peter Silfwerbrand, CEO

  • peter.silfwerbrand@drupps.com

  • +46-(0)70-652-3553

Company team

Niclas Andersson, Sales Director

  • niclas.andersson@drupps.com

  • +46-(0)73-518-3941

Company team

Jonas Wamstad, Head of Market Development & PR, Co-Founder

  • jonas.wamstad@drupps.com

  • +46-(0)70-867-1138

Company team

Fredrik Edström, Head of Operations, Co-Founder

  • fredrik.edstrom@drupps.com

  • +46-(0)70-261-9212

Company team

Per Dahlbäck, CTO

  • per.dahlback@drupps.com

  • +46-(0)73-050-2321

Company team

Charlotte de Coster, Supply Chain Manager

  • charlotte.decoster@drupps.com

  • +46-(0)76-324-8718

Company team

Carl Enlund, Software Engineer

  • carl.enlund@drupps.com

  • +46-(0)70-000-0000

Company team

Johanna Unosson, Chemistry Engineer

  • johanna.unosson@drupps.com

  • +46-(0)70-000-000

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